Conemen exhibited in Doha Qatar

Conemen ride again

Yay! Just opening tonight, (12th March 2016) is the New York Times Art for Tomorrow conference being held in Doha Qatar. Louise Hunter from Summerhouse media was kind enough to invite me to exhibit there alongside some world class artists. All the framed prints were collected the other day and shipped out.

I’m showing five of my Conemen images as well as The Watchers (from Mythoslogos). Sad not being able to attend but hope the work is well received.01The-Watchers-Laurence-Winram- 02Conemen I-Laurence-Winram- 03Conemen IV-Laurence-Winram- 04Conemen III-Laurence-Winram- 05Conemen-Dragons-III-Laurence-Winram- 06Conemen-Dragons-II-Laurence-Winram-


Podcast time!

I was filmed in an interviewed the other day by a friend of mine Les Stelmachowski for one of his Fitness Soul podcasts. We do discuss sport as that’s how I know him, but mainly it’s all about my photography.¬†Click on the link below, (not the image)

My interview with Les

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 15.03.02