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Royal Scottish Academy Open Exhibition 2018

Royal Scottish Adademy Open Exhibition photography by Laurence Winram

So, much as I should, I never seem to get around to exhibiting my work, it just ends up Facebook and Instagram or my website and thats it. Well I challenged that and submitted a couple of favourite Mythoslogos images into the RSA Open Exhibition 2018 which is held every year their beautiful centrepiece gallery on the Mound in Edinburgh. I’m pleased that both got accepted and I even managed to sell a couple on the same day. It’s really a wonderful exhibition of very diverse and skilled work from a huge pool of artists so I was delighted to be involved. It fairly got my thoughts turning and I’m determined to do more exhibiting.

It’s on until the 25th of July 2018 so do get along and catch it before it’s over, it’s free to enter and has a damn fine cafe and shop to boot..

Royal Scottish Adademy Open Exhibition photograph Hazel Flew, with Hazel Terry. edition of 20 by art photographer Laurence Winram
Royal Scottish Adademy Open Exhibition photography by Laurence Winram. Watching, two men on ladders on Rannoch Moor
Royal Scottish Adademy Open Exhibition 2018photography by Laurence Winram sold framed print


Conemen exhibited in Doha Qatar

Conemen ride again

Yay! Just opening tonight, (12th March 2016) is the New York Times Art for Tomorrow conference being held in Doha Qatar. Louise Hunter from Summerhouse media was kind enough to invite me to exhibit there alongside some world class artists. All the framed prints were collected the other day and shipped out.

I’m showing five of my Conemen images as well as The Watchers (from Mythoslogos). Sad not being able to attend but hope the work is well received.01The-Watchers-Laurence-Winram- 02Conemen I-Laurence-Winram- 03Conemen IV-Laurence-Winram- 04Conemen III-Laurence-Winram- 05Conemen-Dragons-III-Laurence-Winram- 06Conemen-Dragons-II-Laurence-Winram-

otto flies!


Otto flies! – from my MythosLogos series

From a shoot up on the banks of Loch Ness in Autumn of 2013. Again we had two hour window on a job and myself and my good friend Iain sneaked away first thing to shoot these. I can’t explain how much I enjoy the preparation and build up to these kind of projects. The shoots themselves are usually a bit more fraught. I’ve always felt a bit unsettled by that but having watched a number video clips of other photographers shooting I don’t seem to be alone in this.

I made the wings over a week in a cottage on the beautiful isle of Lewis last new year. I loved seeing my sketches convert into the full size real thing.  I now know the ins and outs of Krista’s sewing machine.

In case you wondered the name Otto is in homage to the legendary Otto Lilienthal a true pioneer of early flight. In keeping with dedicated slightly over enthusiastic innovators he died on one of his flights. I’d love to see a film of his life.